Angella d’Avignon
is a writer,
and content strategist.

Also a card-carrying member of the Newswomen's Club of New York and a proud member of the National Writer's Union. Read my very casual research newsletter West Ends.

Watch me read new fiction for the Miss Manhattan reading series. I used to run an advice blog for artists at the intersection of mental health and creativity for Society6. Here's an essay about my friend and artist, Chantal Wnuk and another about living alone in Long Beach. Rahel Aima invited me to guest-write a pandemic diary for her newsletter.

Read more about my process here. 
I am for hire.

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They Live Alone in Ghost Towns, living or vacationing in ghost towns (with the attendant ghosts!) for New York Times Styles

Location Not Found, mapping loss, wildfire season, digital ghost towns and Paradise, California, for Real Life Magazine

A Review of: "Death in Her Hands by Ottessa Moshfegh", for The Believer

Dirt: Affirmation memes for millennial dreams, on mass delusion and memes for DIRT by Daisy Alioto and Kyle Chayka

Ghost Towns of Instagram, ghost towns, influencers, and luxury development in the California desert for The Baffler

The Mortician and the Murderer, a reported piece on a 1980s mortician who turned his family’s funeral home into a nightmare cremation factory—pulling gold teeth, harvesting organs, and threatening anyone who got in his way, for Topic

Citrus Season, in which I eat an orange off the ground and strangers endear themselves to me while the sole of my boot breaks, for Popula

To Live and Fade in LA, an art essay about drifting, looking, and the physical choreography of graffiti and those who are tasked to erase it, for Open Space (SFMOMA)

Review: POSSESSED: Eckhaus Latta at the Whitney, I went to the Eckhaus Latta special exhibition store and couldn't afford the concept, for Carla 14

Neighbors Converge and Share Their Memories Around a Public Art Project in LA, a write-up on a temporary public sculpture by artist Tanya Brodsky, and the incomplete story of the lot it stands on, for Hyperallergic

"Car Culture" Takes on a New Meaning in This Mobile Gallery, about a gallery that lives in the cabin of a champagne-colored Crown Vic as it drifts through the streets of Los Angeles, for GARAGE Magazine

John Early has taken to LA like a Scientologist to a Celebrity Centre, a profile on comedian John Early who had just moved to LA where he ordered the chopped cobb for lunch at the iconic 101 Diner and draped his pale body across the marquee of the Scientology Celebrity Centre, for the original LA Weekly

Meet Big Sal, Jewelry District Security Guard, Historian and Ghostbuster
, a profile on Sal Licone, a DTLA security guard who protects a historic theater, now a jewelry store, where he used to see John Wayne movies in as a kid, for the original LA Weekly

I Waited Until I was 30 to Go to College., my entire academic back story in one personal essay, for The Washington Post